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0007405OXID eShop (all versions)1. ----- eShop frontend -----public2024-02-07 15:16
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Summary0007405: Pagination parameter contains uppercase letter| Paginierungsparameter enthält Großbuchstabe
Description-- Original below --

The pagination parameter pgNr contains an uppercase letter:
Google declared that one must use lowercase letters only:
Please change pgNr to pgnr.


Der Paginierungs-URL-Parameter "pgNr" enthält einen Großbuchstaben.

Gemäß Google-Vorgaben sind für URLs und deren Parameter ausschließlich Kleinbuchstaben zugelassen.

Bitte aus "pgNr" einfach "pgnr" machen
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2023-01-26 16:38

administrator   ~0014995

@frogger14033, could please provide a source for the statement, that Google wants only lowercase letters?



2023-01-26 17:37

reporter   ~0014997

We all know Google is not very open on SEO tips. So beside the web best practises use this site:

About the underscore problem (remember: there shouldn't be underscores in an URL) in your URLs you even can find a note by Google:


2023-01-27 10:05

administrator   ~0014999



2023-02-06 10:26

administrator   ~0015017

The link you posted regarding capitalization only advises you to be consistent. Actually I see a danger in changing this now as it will severely harm the score of currently indexed pages.
The author states that page rank splits will happen if you have both pgNr and pgnr in an URL. And of course that you should in general avoid URL parameters which would in turn mean that we should better change to something like instead of
On the other hand I read a lot of times (from Google) that we should just be consistent and trust in the ability of the Google Crawler to interpret this correctly. I will discuss this with our SEO agency


2024-02-07 15:16

administrator   ~0016275

Last edited: 2024-02-07 15:16

Would you please have a look and tell me, what I might have missed?