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0007357module PayPal Checkoutmodule PayPal checkout - subpublic2022-09-21 13:55
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Product Version2.1.6 / 1.1.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007357: If the stocking setting for a product states "If out of stock, offline" then the order confirmation mail is missing that item
Descriptionif the stock of a product becomes 0 or less and the stock setting is set to "If out of stock, offline", then the order confirmation mail for the shop owner and for the customer are missing that item.

- The shop administration area shows the correct order, only the mails are affected.
- The notification of PayPal for the customers shows the correct price.

Tested with the payment (id) oscpaypal.
Steps To Reproduce- install an Enterprise Edition 6.5
- install PayPal Checkout for the current version of OXID eShop 6.5
- Log in to the admin.
- Search for the product 1402.
- Set the stock for the product 1
- Set the stock status: "If out of stock, offline".
- Goto the frontend and create customer account with a working mail address.
- Put the product 1402 into the basket
- Do the checkout with the PayPal Checkout payment "PayPal" (id: oscpaypal).
- Finish the checkout
- You will get redirected to the start page which states: "The product 1402 isnt availbable".
- Check the confirmation mail, it will be empty and show 0.00 €.
- Goto Frontend -> My Account -> My Account -> Order history -> it will show the order details as expected.
- Goto the admin and check the just made order, it will show the order details as expected.
- Check the PayPal notification: It will show the expected price.

Conclusion: Only the order confirmation mail is affected
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