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0007315OXID eShop (all versions)4.12. Subshop handlingpublic2022-03-30 10:47
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Summary0007315: It is possible to switch the shop by parameter, although each sub shop has its dedicated URL
- A mall with multiple sub shops.
- Each sub shop has its own URL configurated in admin -> Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Mall.
    shop id 1: http://shop
    shop id 2: http://shop-de
    shop id 3: http://shop-en

If you open http://shop-de, you see the content of shop id 2. But if you add the parameter shp=3 to the URL, you will switch to shop id 3, but the URL will stay for shop id 2.

Imagine shop id 2 sells merch for the soccer club Bayern M√ľnchen and shop id 3 sells stuff for SC Freiburg. You could buy merch for SC Freiburg merch within the URL bayern-muenchen-merch-shop.example if you just add ?shp=$id to the URL.

If a sub shop has a dedicated URL configurated in the administration area, then there is no need that the parameter shp= should work for this shop. Each sub shop should run in its very own environment. Swapping to the content of other sub shops by passing an id in the URL should not be possible.

The general idea would be that the parameter shp= works only with the main URL, configured in (sShopURL and sSSLShopURL), but not for sub shop URLs, configured in the administration area. Same with the language URLs, since a language URL points also to a specific shop id.
Steps To Reproduce1. adapt your hosts file and add shop shop-de shop-en
2. create 2 sub shops
3. configure the URLs in admin -> master setting -> core setting -> mall for each subshop
4. call the frontend and add ?shp={id} to switch between the shops without changing the domain.
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