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0007247OXID Market ConnectMarket Connect - subpublic2021-06-11 12:03
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007247: Input verification of performance filter is wrong/missing
DescriptionWhen setting up the performance filter you have three options to select, if the click limit is reached. Third option is to deactivate the product automatically without any further notification. Therefore you will not add any notification e-mail. Usually this should be ok, while on the other two option the e-mail must be a mandatory field. Currently the e-mail field seems alwas to be mandatory. If you save with third option and no e-mail input, you get an error message saying the values could not be saved.

I investigated this issue even more and as far as I see, there is no real verification of the user input at all. This means it's not wrong, it's missing completely. All values are passed to the models_exportsettings::replace_values method, This method deletes all existing values in the database and then inserts the new one if there are not empty. This leads to the message saying it's unable to save the values, since the e-mail is empty. However, all other values are stored. Therefore, the message is kind of wrong and you are able to use the third option without providing any e-mail.

This also leads to the case you are able to select option 1 or 2, which include sending a mail, but you do not input any e-mail: You get a message it's unable to save the data, but in reality it stores all values besides the missing e-mail. This should not lead to any fatal error, since on sending it is verified the mail was set, but this may lead to huge confusion by the user.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create an export.
2) Go to Filter > Performance-Filter.
3) Set up the performance filter:
- Activate.
- Input any click limit.
- Select the third option "Automatically deactivate (without notification)".
- Do not input any e-mail, since you want no notification.
4) Hit the save button.
A error messages will be displayed, saying the settings could not be saved.

Additionally you may have a look into your database. Search table exportsvalues for your export ID and you will find the values perf_active = 1, perf_clicklimit = <whateverYouSet> and perf_option = 3 in the table. The setting was saved even though the UI said something else.
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