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0007219OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2024-07-10 13:39
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Product Version6.2.3 
Summary0007219: Difference between FF and Chrome/Egde when editing father articles in the subshop in the backend
DescriptionIt has been noticed that when editing father articles in the subshops, the save button is normally (specifically in Chrome and Microsoft Edge) greyed out and non-functional.
In Firefox, this button can be activated under certain circumstances by clicking in the Title or Art-Num fields.

Whether this behaviour occurs only with the fields or in this combination cannot be judged conclusively, but I have put some debug time into it, i.e. I assume that the above problem can only be reproduced reliably in the combination of children's shop and father's article. By this I also mean that unpleasant behaviour with variants and simple articles does not occur. Everything seems to work as intended there.

Update of issue:
The expected behaviour is that the price/item (also father item) should be saveable regardless of the browser.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install fresh ee 6.2.3 with demodata
2. add subshop as child
3. see article 1501 of demodata in childshop
With FF:
if save-button is active, then change price and save, now it is not active anymore.

if save-button is inactive, then click into title or art-num field and then describtion, mostly that toggles the save button.

With other browser:
save-button not active
Additional Informationeditet by QA - SG -

see for video down below in private msg.
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