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0007207OXID ERP InterfaceOXID ERP Interface - subpublic2021-02-01 09:13
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007207: The feature erpTargetNamespace isn't documented yet
DescriptionWhether the PDF nor the online documentation doesn't describe the feature.

## [2.15.2] - 2017-12-11

### Changed
- WSDL targetNamespace/tns now by default is set to <your_shop_url>/modules/erp/OXERPService.
- You can customize the SOAP targetNamespace by adding the following config constant to file:
  //Customize the SOAP targetNamespace. Default is <your_shop_url>/modules/erp/OXERPService
  $this->erpTargetNamespace = <some custom URI>;

Additional InformationAdditionally, I would strongly recommend to mention the PHP WSDL cache and also the OXIDs own WSDL Cache mechanism. The past has proven, that changes were often made correctly, but didn't had any affect, because of one of those two caches. They should be mentioned so the developers are aware about them. Also a recommendation how to set up those caches would be nice.
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