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0007204OXID eShop (all versions)2.1. Master Settingspublic2022-01-26 13:36
Reportermf Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.2.3 
Fixed in Version6.4.1 
Summary0007204: selection window to add an item to a discount is empty
DescriptionIt is not possible to use discount "itm" because no items are displayed in the selection window. A 500 error is thrown. In the log you can find:

Unknown column 'oxv_oxarticles_2_en.oxvarselect_1' in 'field list' ["[object] (OxidEsales\\Eshop\Core\Exception\\DatabaseErrorException(code: 1054): Unknown column 'oxv_oxarticles_2_en. oxvarselect_1' in 'field list' at /var/www/html/vendor/oxid-esales/oxideshop-ce/source/Core/Database/Adapter/Doctrine/Database.php:938

Steps To Reproduce- Activate: Core Settings > System > Variants > Display Variants in Assignment Lists in eShop admin
- choose another shop default language (Master Settings > Languages)

Try to add an item-discount to an article.
Additional InformationIn the "DiscountItemAjax" controller in the "_getQueryCols" method, the following code leads to the error:

$sVarSelect = "$sViewTable.oxvarselect" . $sLangTag;

The $sLangTag variable is appended in case the store is operated without views, i.e. blSkipViewUsage is set to true in the config. For view tables, however, the $sLangTag is not needed and for the default language it is also not appended as its 0.

As a workaround I would like to suggest the following by replacing the line "$sVarSelect = "$sViewTable.oxvarselect" . $sLangTag;" as follows:

if ($oConfig->getConfigParam('blSkipViewUsage')) {
    $sVarSelect = "$sViewTable.oxvarselect" . $sLangTag;
    } else {
    $sVarSelect = "$sViewTable.oxvarselect";

Thus, both cases, i.e. using and not using views are covered and the query is created as expected.
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