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0007181OXID eShop (all versions)5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------public2020-10-07 12:58
Reportermario_lorenz Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionreopened 
Product Version6.2.2 
Summary0007181: oe-console command "oe:module:apply-configuration" could not process shop-id-option in CE/PE
DescriptionI will aply the the configuration only for one shop with id XX, as described here

If you try this in an OXID eShop Community or Professional Edition, you´ll got an error: The "--shop-id" option does not exist.
Steps To ReproduceUse an OXID eShop Community Edition or Professional Edition.
run on the console this command:

vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:apply-configuration --shop-id=1
Additional InformationThe solution is: Add the missing parameter in the configure-method of

    protected function configure()
        $this->setDescription('Applies configuration for installed modules.')
                'possible Shop-ID'

... together with the namespaced class in the top of the file:

use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputOption;

After this, the option exists for the command and the script works as aspected.
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PHP Version7.4
Database VersionMySQL 5.7


Igor Iegupov

2020-10-06 11:08

reporter   ~0013317

Do you use CE or EE edition?


2020-10-06 12:14

administrator   ~0013318

Hello Mario,

the parameter works fine in my EE environment. See attached screenshot of the console output. According to my result the issue is not reproducable in a standard installation.

result.png (113,823 bytes)   
result.png (113,823 bytes)   


2020-10-07 10:21

developer   ~0013319

Ok, some more background.

I call this command in another command. I add in my call "--shop-id".

I test my plugin first in a CE-Shop, and then i´ve got the error.
I know, the shop-id is not necessary for a CE-Shop, an my solution can be: check if it is a CE Version, then call the command without option.
But i think, the command should not break with an error, if i add an optional and documented option.


2020-10-07 12:50

administrator   ~0013321

Last edited: 2020-10-07 12:58

Thanks for the additional information. I tested in an OXID eShop Community Edition again and can confirm the behavior. I acknowledged the issue, but since the --shop-id parameter was only intended to be used with the Enterprise Edition I changed the severity to tweak. Your suggestion is understandable, but we will not consider it a bug, but an optimization. Your solution was also tested and I can confirm it as well. This will work as shown on the screenshot below.

A improvement to the documentation was suggested for now.


newResult.png (120,260 bytes)   
newResult.png (120,260 bytes)