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0007017OXID eShop (all versions)2.8. Servicepublic2024-06-12 13:31
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Product Version6.1.4 
Summary0007017: It is not possible to assign database fields in generic data import.
DescriptionIn the generic data import, it is not possible to assign database fields to the csv file if oxartextends was selected as the database table in step 1.
Steps To Reproduce1. Admin -> Service -> gener. Import
2. Select table oxartextends
3. Select CSV File and seperator
4. In step 2 you can not select the corresponding database columns (only .oxid).

See screenshot attached.
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has duplicate 0007152 resolved Import of oxartextends with columns 



2024-06-12 13:31

administrator   ~0017020

Fixed within 0007152