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0007004OXID eShop (all versions)1.03. Basket, checkout processpublic2024-06-05 08:33
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Product Version6.1.3 
Summary0007004: go back by clicking browser's back button, instead shop step 2 "Address" is not working
Descriptionif you go back with clicking browser's back button, instead shop step 2 "Address", you get the message "Document expired. This document is no longer available."
Thats because there is called source/index.php? without the parametet cl=user.

Steps To Reproduce1. Add article to basket
2. Continue to next step
3. Now you aren in Step 3 "Payment select" (source/index.php?cl=payment)
4. If you click Step 2 "Adress" source/index.php?cl=user is called and everything works fine.
    If you click browser back button source/index.php? is called and you get the error message, because of the missing parameter cl=user.

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