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0006607OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2022-02-02 16:35
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Product Version4.10.3 / 5.3.3 
Summary0006607: low product stock warning should be based on product's oxremindamount instead of global sStockWarningLimit
Descriptionright now product's stock status is calculated based on setting "sStockWarningLimit", which can be configured in general settings -> config -> stock.
But stock status is actually very product specific, e.g.:
10 Bugatti Veyrons would be considered as high stock status, since you sell maybe 1 per month
But 10 gallons of fuel would be kind of "no stock at all", cause you sell about 1000 units per day.

In my opinion, this high / low stock threshold should be also configurable for every product.
Thats why i suggest to use oxarticle__oxremindamount for calculating low / high stock status and sStockWarningLimit just as fallback if there is no oxremindamount configured for this product.

tomorrow i will make a pull request with my suggested adjustments for oxarticle::_assignStock()
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