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0006462OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2016-08-01 15:13
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Summary0006462: ERP: Unable to create categories and subcategories for subshops using the request OXERPSetCategory from ERP Module
DescriptionWhen subcategories are created for a subshop using the ERP Module Request OXERPSetCategory, the subcategory is saved in the database with the Main shop's ShopId.
Steps To ReproduceAssume that there are 2 shops - Shop1(ShopId - 1) and Shop2(ShopId - 2). Shop1 is the main shop and Shop2 is the sub shop.

1. Login using SOAP into Shop2(subshop) and start a session.
2. With sesion id from Step1, create a root category "Cat1" with OXSHOPID=2 using the ERP Module Request OXERPSetCategory
3. With the same session id, create a subcategory, create a subcategory "SubCat1" under the root "Cat1" with OXSHOPID=2.

The Subcategory is saved in the Database with OXSHOPID as 1.
Additional InformationI have tested the bug in Shop 5.3.0 for version 2.14.0
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