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0006461OXID eShop (all versions)4.11. Image handlingpublic2024-03-20 16:47
Reporterenzephalon Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionreopened 
Product Version4.10.1 / 5.3.1 
Summary0006461: oxarticle->getThumbnailUrl() ignores alternative picture path
DescriptionWe store our article-images on Amazon S3 and configured to work with Cloudfront. This works fine in Frontend.

I think this is because getThumbnailUrl() calls

return oxRegistry::get("oxPictureHandler")->getProductPicUrl($sDirname, $sImgName, $sSize, 0, $bSsl);

The getProductPicUrl has a check which ignores sAltPath by setting to false. This breaks functionality of alternative picture paths.
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2016-08-01 14:26

administrator   ~0011717

Please let us know what was configured in the to reproduce the behavior on demoshop.
Need steps how to reproduce.


2016-08-01 15:06

reporter   ~0011718
        $this->sShopURL = ''; // eShop base url, required
        $this->sSSLShopURL = ''; // eShop SSL url, optional
        $this->sAdminSSLURL = ''; // eShop Admin SSL url, optional
        $this->sShopDir = '/is/htdocs/wpXXXXXX_XXXXXXX/www/DOMAIN/oxid';
        $this->sCompileDir = '/is/htdocs/wpXXXXXX_XXXXXXX/www/DOMAIN/oxid/tmp';
        $this->sAltImageDir = '';


2016-08-02 14:13

administrator   ~0011719

In i configured

$this->sAltImageDir = 'http://supportvm/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.3.0_SNAPSHOT/eike/pictures';
$this->ssSSLAltImageDir = 'https://supportvm/OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.3.0_SNAPSHOT/eike/pictures';

and images were loaded from this sAltPath.
So it works fine.


2016-08-04 13:52

reporter   ~0011720

I do not think a test with https instead http is enough to completely check this.

I've configured a sAltImageDir (using Amazon Cloudfront) and in my Customer Emails is only the nopic.jpg, but product-images are available. So something goes wrong while processing the images. Images from older products are currently still on the shop-machine - these images are rendered correctly. But all images stored only in sAltImageDir are not loaded.

Maybe there is an alternative for:
<img src="[{$basketproduct->getThumbnailUrl(false)}]" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" alt="[{$basketitem->getTitle()|strip_tags}]" align="texttop">