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0006451OXID eShop (all versions)4.09. SEO, SEO URLpublic2024-03-25 15:54
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Product Version4.10.0 / 5.3.0 
Summary0006451: "noindex,follow" instead of "noindex,nofollow" on vendorlist details with currency set in url

If you change currency, the whole page should be noindex-nofollow (oxubase->noindex()).
But in details->noindex() there is an early return with noindex-follow, if the listtype is vendorlist or manufacturerlist.
TagsSEO Rewrite
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2016-07-18 14:58

administrator   ~0011704

There will always "noindex, follow" instead of "noindex, nofollow" regardless of the currency parameters.
Moreover, the reasons is lacking, why here should be "noindex, nofollow" with change of the currency. We need more information.



2016-07-18 15:05

reporter   ~0011705

"noindex,nofollow" is returned in oxubase->noindex() if any cur is given.
(if ($this->getConfig()->getRequestParameter('cur'))

"noindex,follow" is set in details->noindex() if listtype is vendorlist or manufacturerlist. the parent-function is not called in that case.

So there is a rule, that every page with cur-param will be noindex,nofollow.
And a rule in details.php that overrides that rule with a less restrictive return value.