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0006390OXID eShop (all versions)4.08. Cachepublic2016-05-10 13:35
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Summary0006390: Changing deliveryrules does not clear cache of affacted article detailpages
Descriptionwhen a delivery cost rule was changed
- adding article,
- removing article,
- activating that rule,
- deactivating that rule,
- changing priority
- changing price ...

all affected article detail pages must be invalidated
Steps To Reproducegiven working setup with varnish active, high ttl and valid license
- login to admin backend
- configure deliveryrule
- enter article detailpage
- you should see configured deliverycost
- change that rule in admin backend
- refresh article detail page
- you will not see that change
Additional InformationUSE case is, shop owner has a set of prepared deliverycost rules, sometimes the activated that rules so customers get for example free shipping. The customer does not want to clear the whole varnish cache manually because it's high load and clearing everything would be bad for that site.
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