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0006378OXID eShop (all versions)4.05. Performancepublic2017-06-29 11:32
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Summary0006378: on bulk imports in admin mode issue full conent cache clear per object (EE)
Descriptionin admin mode
(if "Clear Cache On Logout" option is NOT set)
 every change on an object deletes the whole content cache

this is a performance issue because even clearing the full cache only on logout is not the best idea. But when it comes to bulk imports or delta updates on imports clearing the whole cache multiple times slows down the imports and the site.

what i expect
- only depended pages should be cleared
- the setting blClearCacheOnLogout should only issue a cache clear on logout if it is set
- the setting blClearCacheOnLogout should not issue a cache clear on each change if it is not set

Steps To Reproducei saw it only from code in method
_resetCache in Base.php (oxid<6: oxbase.php)

$cache->reset is called

i would expect that cache->invalidate(oxid) is called here,
and somehow dependencies are also deleted (maybe in subclasses)
Additional Informationthis kind of issue masks normally other issues, so by fixing this there is a high risk of finding new dependencies that must also be removed from the cache, or other places that must issue an cache reset.

As there are also the reverse proxy backend cache in oxid eshop framework it should be tried to make the invalidation process more similar by reusing code and logic to reduce the risk of not invalidating some necessary places and to reduce the efforts for maintenance.
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