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0006341OXID eShop (all versions)4.08. Cachepublic2016-02-29 14:11
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Summary0006341: Categorie page are not invalidated on activating articles (varnish)
Descriptioncustomer reported that category pages are not invalidated in varnish if articles are activated again (the article became not visible again).

Form source i can see that the _updateCategoryDependency on article objects is only called conditionally, and not respecting things like creating articles or changing active state.

Steps To Reproduce- clear varnish cache
- first visit category page (cache miss => ok)
- second visit category page (cache hit => ok)
- activate article within that category (via shop API, e.g. ERP Interface)
- third visit category page (cache hit => NOT OK )
- the article should appear in that category ( but it does not )
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