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0006236OXID eShop (all versions)1. ----- eShop frontend -----public2015-12-01 12:12
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Summary0006236: javascripts executed twice
DescriptionBehavior: scripts are executed twice when variants are switched on detail page.
Expected Behavior: custom javascripts are only executed once

Problem with the current behavior:
This can cause strange behavior on customized themes that include javascript which is not designed to be executed twice. For default shop functionality i could not find a problem yet.
Steps To Reproducefrom head:
1. add
[{oxscript add="alert('this message should only be displayed once but we will see..')"}] to htdocs\application\views\[YOUR_THEME]\tpl\page\details\inc\productmain.tpl
2. open a browser and navigate to a product (tested in Firefox)
3. the message will appear once (ok so far)
4. switch the variant by selecting color , size or whatever
5. the message appears -> press ok
6. the message appears again -> BUG

Additional Informationthe javascript:
oxAjax.evalScripts( contentTarget );

This seams to be unnecessary because scripts are automatically executed by jquery in the moment they are added to the dom see "domManip" function in jquery i checked version 1.11.2 and 2.1.4.

btw i saw similar code in oxminibasket.js (duplicate code, so maybe we have the same problem here)
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