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0006147OXID eShop (all versions)4.01. Database handlingpublic2024-02-07 08:36
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.9.4 / 5.2.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006147: It is possible to store oxconfig rows with the same oxvarname (for the same oxshopid and oxmodule)
DescriptionThere is no barrier to create oxconfig rows with the same oxvarname and oxshopid (+ oxmodule). Therefore the method oxConfig::getConfigParam() will return an unexpected value.

| oxid                             | oxshopid | oxmodule | oxvarname    | oxvartype |
| bdea8f58a4fa95e831a000d3d879cc06 |        1 |          | sExample6147 | str       |
| 8236289125536135a11e93389fa54272 |        1 |          | sExample6147 | str       |
| eeb6fbb9ac9ddfef6a8c101ec9993033 |        1 |          | sExample6147 | str       |

The rows have the following values:

bdea...: foobar_0
8236...: foobar_1
eeb6...: foobar_2

When reading the value "sExample6147" via the config getter, I got the value foobar_2, in my testing.

Steps To ReproduceExecute the following SQL query (as it could be executed at an onActivate method or during an import of an install.sql):

('bdea8f58a4fa95e831a000d3d879cc06', 1, 'a', 'sExample6147', 'str', 0x792d0785929c26c7, '2015-05-29 07:54:03'),
('8236289125536135a11e93389fa54272', 1, 'a', 'sExample6147', 'str', 0x792d0785929c26c7, '2015-05-29 07:54:03'),
('eeb6fbb9ac9ddfef6a8c101ec9993033', 1, 'a', 'sExample6147', 'str', 0x792d0785929c26c7, '2015-05-29 07:54:03');

Call the config variable:

Additional InformationThis case can be happen as an accident by an module writer, but the shop should catch it by adding a simple unique state of the fields oxshopid, oxmodule and oxvarname.
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related to 0006156 resolvedSven Brunk The configuration parameter "aLanguageParams" occurs twice in the table oxconfig 



2015-06-01 10:18

reporter   ~0010999

Last edited: 2015-06-03 14:48

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Proposal for a simple solution on the DB side:
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX confvar ON oxconfig (oxshopid, oxmodule, oxvarname);

However this will not work initially since all shops that were installed with the regular setup will have duplicate entries of aLanguageParams in their oxconfig table: see 0006156
Duplicate entries cannot occur if you use the shop framework's method oxConfig::saveShopConfVar because this one will delete old entries first before inserting the new one.

Sven Brunk

2024-02-07 08:36

administrator   ~0016254

Just a small update: This problem will be fixed in the upcoming major release as the configuration will no longer be stored in the database