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0006138OXID eShop (all versions)4.12. Subshop handlingpublic2019-09-13 14:27
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Summary0006138: Search function does not use oxfield2shop
DescriptionThe search function selects articles direct from oxarticles and doesn't use oxfield2shop. So you can't find an article by it's title in subshop if it is different from the title of the supershop.
Steps To Reproduce- In add OXTITLE to $this->aMultishopArticleFields
- Create field OXTITLE in oxfield2shop
- create subshop
- make Category Kiteboarding available in subshop
- change title of "Kiteboard NAISH MOMENTUM" to "blabla" in subshop
- search for "blabla" in subshop -> you find nothing
- search for "MOMENTUM" in subshop -> you find "blabla"
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2019-09-13 14:27

reporter   ~0012997

Is there any plan in fixing/changing this?