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0005855OXID eShop (all versions)4.08. Cachepublic2015-12-01 10:28
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.8.7 / 5.1.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005855: oxConfig::getWidgetUrl can produce SSL Urls
Descriptionsmarty plugin function.oxid_include_widget.php uses oxConfig::getWidgetUrl to generate esi url. this should not be ssl if varnish is active because varnish then build urls urls like

ObjHeader c x-url: /https://SHOPDOMAIN/widget.php?actcontrol=start&cl=oxwservicemenu&nocookie=1&noscript=1&oxwparent=start

ObjHeader c Location: http://SHOPDOMAIN/https://SHOPDOMAIN/widget.php/?actCampaign=0&actClass=start&cl=ecs_tracking_trackingoutput&mControllerValue=&nocookie=1&noscript=1

In normal setup https is not active behind ssl terminator

Firewall/SSL Termination -> varnish -> Appserver

So if you use absolute urls, traffic is routed back if domain or protocol is different to the wrapping request (page which includes widget).

This commit added SSL-Support to widget urls:

Our setup stopped working with this lines, so please add something like "if rpcachebackend->active" to avoid ssl urls if varnish is active (ssl is useless then).
Steps To Reproducehard :-)
TagsHTTPS, Varnish
PHP Version5.4
Database VersionNot defined



2014-08-20 10:58

reporter   ~0010078

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to form SSL url is decided by function oxConfig::_checkSsl(). This function should always return false if varnish is in between client and frontend server. It might be that this function returns wrong result because of HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SERVER header.
Could you try to change this header value or do similar changes in oxConfig::_checkSsl() function to check if problem disappears?


2014-08-20 11:44

reporter   ~0010079

21 RxHeader c X-Forwarded-Proto: https
   21 RxHeader c X-Forwarded-Protocol: https
   21 RxHeader c X-Forwarded-Server: ssl

This intends the checkSsl to be true und the getWidgetUrl to return https:// which causes the problem.

 - My browser sends the request for https://somedomain/checkout/basket
 - Firewall decrypts ssl, adds header (X-Forwarded-Server: ssl) and forwards http://somedomain/checkout/basket
 - varnish takes request and fetches from Appserver (using http)
 - Appserver responds <html><body><esi:include src='https://somedomain/widget.php?'></body></html>
 - varnish recognizes, that document on http://somedomain is not the same as include on https://somedomain and requests the esi resource by this:




2014-08-20 12:49

reporter   ~0010080



2014-11-24 14:52

reporter   ~0010347


We changed priority of this bug to lower, because we provided fix how need to fix this problem by themself.

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