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0000577OXID eShop (all versions)2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----public2009-04-16 08:56
Reportertorro Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.1.0 revision 15990 
Fixed in Version4.1.0 revision 17976 
Summary0000577: Sort order in Product list in Admin not remains when navigating through pages
DescriptionDE: Bei der Artikel Eingabe hat man oben die Artikelliste und kann dann einen Filter setzen, bspw. den Titel oder den Preis. Auf der ersten Seite funktioneirt da, aber beim weiterschalten auf die naechste Seite ist der Filter weg.

In Admin => Administer Products => Products (article_main.php), above the product list in the main frame there are filters by Category and by Details.
When selected Details by what list should be sorted, this selection not remains when navigating to other page. I.e.:
Select "Price" in the Details filter (then list is sorted by price). Then go to page 2. After that the price column is gone and Title column is displayed again in unsorted order.
The selected filters should remain when navigating through pages.
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BrowserFireFox 3.x
PHP Version5.2.6
Database Version5.0.33


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2009-03-24 16:13

reporter   ~0000623

Bug is still valid.


2009-04-16 08:56

reporter   ~0000768

Added additional parameter "&pwrsearchfld=[{$pwrsearchfld}]" to all pagenavigation links in tepmplate pagenavisnippet.tpl.