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0005387OXID eShop (all versions)5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------public2013-09-25 16:29
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version4.7.0 / 5.0.0 revision 51243 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005387: Redirection to setup
DescriptionIf you try to run the update app and the shop was not installed yet ( contains "<dbHost" etc.) oxdb.php will try to redirect you to /updateApp/ui/http/setup/index.php which does not exist in the updateApp.
This is because oxDb::_onConnectionError() uses a relative path for the redirect. Is it possible to do the redirection to the setup with an absolute (=complete) URL like http://shop.tld/(subdir/)setup/index.php?
Steps To Reproduce1. Extract all shop files from the installation package into a dir
2. extract the update app into the same dir
3. Start the update app.
Additional InformationI know that this is an extremely unlikely constellation/situation but it happened to a customer during the update from 4.6.5 to 5.0.0 and caused some confusion. I could imagine other situations where it would be difficult to debug the behaviour, too, so it might be worth to consider fixing this bug.
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