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0000669OXID eShop (all versions)4.09. SEO, SEO URLpublic2012-12-10 13:35
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.1.0 revision 15990 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.1.0 revision 17976 
Summary0000669: SEO URLs to variants generation erratic (language-mix)
DescriptionWe have two Languages defined (0=german, 1=english)

In this example I'm only on the german version of the shop. All text-data is correctly shown in the administration. There are english & german texts, and in the admin they are correctly assigned to their language.

The SEO URLs that are generated automaticly are randomly one of the following:


I did not find a case of

which would be the best url for SE optimization.

When i re-upload articles, there is a possibility, that the next time i view the article in shop, the variant-seo-urls are generated differently then last time. Then i'm clicking a link, the now longer exists, because meanwhile it's another combination of german, article-number and english...

When i switch the shop to english i did not find any variant-seo-url with german parts in it. Nevertheless there are mixed seo-urls, some of type and some of type

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PHP Version5.2.6
Database Version5.0.33



2009-03-05 11:50

reporter   ~0000525

Last edited: 2009-03-06 15:18

The described error only occures, when using different base-urls per language.

This bug is critical!
Many (most) german links have english parts in it. Worse: links to variant-members become invalid regulary.


2009-03-10 13:12

reporter   ~0000542

Let me explain some SEO principles in oxid:

1. article can have few SEO urls if it is assigned to different categories according to oxcategory.oxrootid;
2. article has specific SEO url when browsing in vendor lists.
3. article has SEO url for each language;
4. article SEO urls are build according to deepest category.
5. last part of SEO url is build by this code:

    if ( !( $sTitle = $oArticle->oxarticles__oxtitle->value ) ) {
        $sTitle = $oArticle->oxarticles__oxartnum->value;

    // variant has varselect value
    if ( $oArticle->oxarticles__oxvarselect->value ) {
        $sTitle .= ' ' . $oArticle->oxarticles__oxvarselect->value;
So if your product or variant has not title defined, it uses article number and var select values.

Please check my notices ant tell is shop does not work like i wrote.

Notice: There was a bug with variants when opening details view from vendor list. Fix comes with next release.


2009-03-10 13:13

reporter   ~0000543

Can you give me shop url where "..Many (most) german links have english parts in it..." ?


2009-03-10 16:15

reporter   ~0000544

Last edited: 2009-03-10 16:31

Thank you for the explanations. On our site it works nearly as described:

I turned the base-url-per-language feature off in the meanwhile, so it worked until now.

To show you, what happens, I reactivated base-url-per-language and deleted everything in /tmp

So have a look:

The site is in german. The big header on top of the site is the title of the variant-parent ("Cristobal Chocolat"). The list of articles with the little pictures down there are the variants. The texts "Platzteller", "Essteller Nr. 1" etc. are the varselect-values.

The urls to the variants however (click the texts, not the little pictures) use the english varselect values.

I've also seen cases, where some links where full german, others english (in the same variant-list). I think that happens, when the cache gets older and you activate language-base-url-feature without deleting cache.

Again: it ONLY occures with those base-urls per language defined.

Here's a mix. One variant has german link, the other a link with english varselect:

Another combination (i didnt see that before!):
The link to "Alta" Gourmetlöffel, Sterlingsilber is

All our variants have an empty title. If you open a variant-link you'll see the header which reads "parent-title[newline]varselect".


2009-03-12 08:41

reporter   ~0000553

what do you mean "I reactivated base-url-per-language" ? how its done ?

one more thing - if you wish fully rebuild SEO urls its not enough to cleanup tmp folder - you must press "Reset Seo urls" in seo tab


2009-03-12 09:27

reporter   ~0000554

Last edited: 2009-03-12 09:30

Yes, i know, thank you.
I reseted the seo-table several times while trying to find the problem.

To set base-urls per language,
you log into the administration
-> First menu-point: "Stammdaten"
--> First menu-point: "Grundeinstellungen"
---> Second menu-point: "Einstellungen"
----> Seventh menu-point: "Sprache"
-----> Third input-box: "Unterschiedliche Basis URLs pro Sprache"

-Content of that input-box in our shop:

-The supposed effect of that input-box:
If the user switches the shop to EN, all links point to Otherwise all links point to

As an unwanted side-effect it additionally influences the generation of the last part of seo-urls.

btw: it's the same field as in 0000659


2009-03-18 15:15

reporter   ~0000594

We did many changes in details view code, which generates URLs for variants in standard shop, thus problem you mention should be gone in next release. (At least i did not found any problems you described in latest (not released yet) code).