0005864: [3.2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript] Facebook like button action shows popup window which overlaps (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005874: [2.1. Master Settings] Typo schop (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005876: [6. ------ Setup -------] PHP5.2 is not officially supported any more (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005877: [6. ------ Setup -------] Flags are not explained (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005685: [4.08. Cache] Varnish issues on balanced system (saulius.stasiukaitis)
0004711: [4.08. Cache] Trying to login with wrong credentials and varnish enabled, causes varnish to turn off (saulius.stasiukaitis)
0005336: [1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)] wrong calculations in basket when using voucher (Linas Kukulskis)
0005630: [2.4. Administer products] Setting a category as the main category collides with subshop (tadas)
0005824: [4.08. Cache] OXID EE admin cache (varnish) flush/test buttons doesn't work for HTTPS connection (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005660: [4.08. Cache] Varnish Cache default config.vcl removes parameters from URL but not the ROBOTS tag from the sourecode (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005696: [4.08. Cache] Shop waits for 5 minutes before rechecking if the page should be cached, which is incorrect in some cases. (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005334: [4.08. Cache] Varnish config disables browser cache for CSS/JS/IMG (mantas.vaitkunas)
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