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0007183OXID eShop B2B EditionB2B edition - subpublic2020-10-19 13:35
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Summary0007183: OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\Config->getResourcePath doesn't work for modules
DescriptionJavascriptRegistrator.php contains a reference to Config->getResourcePath to get a path for the JS/CSS resource and append file timestamp to the query string.

getResourcePath uses internal object variable _sResourceDir and this works only for the resources in the shop theme, but not for the module resources.

This leads to serving stalled JS/CSS resources even if new JS/CSS is in place.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create module JS file.
2. Call it from the template [{oxscript include=$oViewConf->getModulePath('mymodule','src/js/script.js') priority=10}]
3. The script.js is not included in the page render.

Expected behavior: browser network tab should contain the downloaded resource script.js with query string automatically added.
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2020-10-15 16:41



2020-10-19 13:35

administrator   ~0013331

So this is not a B2B specific but an OXID eShop bug. Therefore the project "OXID eShop B2B Edition" is wrong here.
Please enter the bug in the Project "OXID eShop (All versions), so that the bug here can be closed.
Thank you for your understanding.