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0007170OXID eShop B2B EditionB2B edition - subpublic2020-10-28 10:34
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.0 
Target VersionFixed in VersionNext Minor Version 
Summary0007170: Put an article (with an bundled article) into basket will exceed php memory limit
At least B2B Modules 01 to 04 are activated
A user is created and is b2b user
An article has a bundled article assigned (Administer Products - Products - Tab Extended - Bundled product)

When adding this product to the basket shop goes to maintenance mode and log says PHP Memory exceeded.
B2BModule\Basket\Model\Basket method addToBasket() is called recursively until memory ist out.
This B2BBasket method calls $this->assignB2bBasketId($service->onBasketChange($this)); (Line 183) that will later trigger an calculate basket that calls addToBasket ....
Steps To ReproduceHit the assumptions, log in and put article to basket
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2020-08-27 12:57

administrator   ~0013281



2020-08-28 09:10

reporter   ~0013282

Bug confirmed on B2B 4.0.0
// Line 208 B2BModule\Basket\Model\Basket


2020-09-10 08:44

developer   ~0013288

Reminder sent to: benjamin.joerger

Hi Benjamin, is there a time a fix for this bug can be provided? Bissie